You may have heard about telomeres in connection to what they can do for brain health. Many studies have been done so far that equates shorter telomere length with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s as well as accelerated aging in general. A little known fact, however, is that telomere length can actually influence the look and feel of your skin. There are some very real (and fairly easy) ways to increase telomere length to achieve beautiful, age-defying skin. Read on to learn more!  

DNA, Chromosomes, Telomeres and Your Skin 

The word “telomere” comes from the Greek “telos,” which means “end,” and “meros,” which means “part.” Structurally, this pretty much sums up what a telomere is at the microscopic level. It is literally the “end part” of chromosomes and looks like a little cap that fits over the last segment. Chromosomes are the thread-like structures where DNA is housed.  

The placement of telomeres on chromosomes is pretty easy to explain, but what these little “end parts” of DNA structures do for the body is a bit more complicated.  First of all, telomeres are key components in cellular replication. They help gene sequences stay intact and healthy while cells go through this process that is vital for the healing, repair and growth of the body [1].

Cellular replication is a good thing, but here’s the rub. Each time a cell replicates, a little bit of the telomeres that are on the end parts of their chromosomes comes off. Over time, telomeres become shorter and shorter. This is one of the main components of the aging process. 

You can think of telomeres as the “aging clock” of cells. Over time, if left unchecked, telomeres can get too short to protect DNA integrity. That is when cells can go haywire and disease may kick in [2].

Studies have linked telomere length directly to the health of many functions in the body. Shorter telomere length is associated with greater mortality in general [3]. Telomere length has been directly linked to weight, metabolism, heart health, cognitive health, risk factors for diabetes and cancer [4]. Studies have found that shorter telomere length is correlated with an increased risk of mortality from both heart disease and infectious disease [5]. 

Photo representing the aging effects of shortening telomere "end caps" as leaves turning color in the autumn of their life.

How Preserving Telomere Length Can “Reverse Aging” 

Part and parcel of the aging process is how telomere health may “show up” on the face and other parts of the skin. One of the main ways this occurs is through oxidative stress. Oxidation, either through sun exposure, poor diet, stress or toxic exposure, tends to affect telomeres more than other parts of a cell.  

According to a 2002 study conducted at the University of Newcastle in the UK, “Oxidative damage is repaired less well in telomeric DNA than elsewhere in the chromosome, and oxidative stress accelerates telomere loss, whereas antioxidants decelerate it.” [6] 

This also means that key vitamins and minerals, especially substances with super-high antioxidant power such as vitamin C and E, can be telomere-protective. Antioxidants have long been associated with skin rejuvenation, better collagen production and wrinkle-reduction. A 2018 book entitled Obesity, put out by a collaboration of researchers in Spain, found that “a healthy lifestyle and an antioxidant-rich food intake could contribute to delay age-related diseases by keeping telomere integrity.” [7]

Anti-Wrinkle and Skin-Hydration with Geranylgeranyl Propanol (GGP)   

This word is quite a tongue-twister! It is an important one to know, however, if you want to understand the connection between telomeres and skin health.

GGP is a lipid and basically a man-made, patented substance. However, it is derived from the organically-created terpene grouping isoprene. Isoprenes are one of many substances that help with protein synthesis and regulation within cells in the body. Although researchers are still learning exactly how GGP works, they believe that it effects metabolism, regulating it in such a way that positive changes become noticeable at the DNA level and also on the epidermis layer of the skin. Of course, a key component of its overall affect is that it prevents the shortening of telomeres.  

“…the geranylgeranyl-2-propanol (GGP) compound is particularly active against oxidative stress, has a protective action of telomeres and mitochondria and promotes the synthesis of molecules of the extracellular matrix (ECM), collagen I, hyaluronic acid and decorin,” according to one report [8].

Remember that the longer chromosomal telomeres are, the slower the aging process is on all levels! 

A happy consequence of all these characteristics is that GGP can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles when applied topically.  

Juvinity™ by Sederma Harnesses the Power of GGP

Juvinity™ by Sederma is a unique, patented skin protection formula that combines geranylgeranyl propanol with caprylic/capric triglyceride for skin protection like no other. Not only does Juvinity protect skin cells from UV overexposure that can lead to DNA damage, it also preserves “cytoskeleton functionality.” It does this through maintaining healthy mitochondrial activity and prolonging life at the cellular level. This ensures telomere length as well.   

In lab tests conduct by Sederma in France, researchers found that Juvinity increased collagen production by 483%. There was also increased protection against peroxidation of the skin by up to 85%. Juvinity™ also improved cellular metabolism significantly. Furthermore, in a small trial survey conducted by the same company, 80% of participants said they felt their skin was less creased and 93% said they experienced more hydration overall [9].

Start Benefitting from GGP Today!  

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Reverse is truly unique within the world of skin products. For one thing, the formula is 100% non-GMO. We live up to our name in using pure, organic ingredients that come from only high-quality sources.

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