Matrixyl® 3000 [1] is a unique substance that we are excited to include in our AnnieMak Clean Skincare Restore Vitamin C Serum. It uses state-of-the-art technology to kickstart the mechanisms in your own body that can help you achieve super healthy, younger-looking skin.  Read on to learn more about Matrixyl 3000 and what it can do for you.  

Why Peptides are So Important for Great-Looking Skin  

All longevity-promoting skin products must be able to do one thing. They must all increase the healthy production of collagen in the first two layers of skin. Likewise, healthy collagen depends on healthy amino acids such as glycine and proline. But what exactly is an amino acid? More importantly, why are amino acids so important for overall health and for the health of your skin? 

To put it simply, amino acids can be thought of as little bits of proteins. Like pieces of a puzzle, when just the right amount of certain types come together, they form larger protein molecules which then become the building blocks for collagen and healthy organ tissue, muscles, joints, hair, and skin.

There is another step in the journey from amino acid to protein, however. When small amounts of amino acids (50 or less), clump together on their way to becoming proteins, they are called “peptides.” Different kinds of peptides act as molecular “communication” substances in the body. They help to send signals to other cells—brain cells, immune system cells, skin cells. They tell them when and where to perform key functions.  

Matrixyl 3000 and the Power of the Peptide

Given how vitally important peptides are, it makes sense that anything that can help boost peptide production in a safe way would be great for healthy skin, right? This is basically what Matrixyl 3000 does in the body.  

To understand how Matrixyl 3000 works, let’s take a closer look at the world of the peptide. Certain important peptides are somewhat exempt from the breakdown that normally occurs when amino acids become collagen. Peptides that stay intact are called matrikines. They are important for the “proliferation, migration, protease production, or apoptosis” of cells [2].

Research has discovered that matrikines are also essential for healthy collagen repair. For example, if an area of the body is experiencing low collagen levels, matrikines will send signals to produce more.  

Matrixyl 3000 truly is in a class by itself. It is the first product to utilize “matrikine peptide technology” to directly influence the production of collagen. It is composed of synthetic substances that mimic certain matrikines, namely palmitoyl tripeptide-1 and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7. When these synthetic mimics interact with other mechanisms in the body, the result is an increase in collagen where it is needed most. 

What’s more, this patented peptide technology has been widely tested and found perfectly safe for use on your skin. Bioactive peptides of the kind used in Matrixyl 3000 have been categorized as Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA, and show no evidence of allergic reactions in even the most sensitive skin types [3]. 

How Matrixyl 3000 Helps Skin 

Collagen is vital for skin elasticity and for the prevention of wrinkles. After age 25, however, research indicates that the average person will lose between 1 – 2% collagen productivity per year [4]. Even if you do “all the right things” to keep collagen production going naturally — such as avoiding too much sun, eating the right vitamin C-rich foods and getting enough sleep– you unfortunately will still be “in the red” at least a little bit in your collagen stores as the years go by. Over time, your skin will show this deficit through wrinkling, spotting and other signs of face aging.   

Photo of Collagen supplement in powdered form.

The good news is that there are ways to even out the score as we age through additional collagen. Many products, including AnnieMak’s own Clean Multi Collagens, provide collagen Type I, Type III and others directly in the form of nutritional collagen powder. Clean Multi Collagens is GMO-free, all natural and allergen-free and is a great, tasty choice for overall health.  

Nutritional collagen supplementation may not be enough to make up the difference in the skin, however, especially for those who do not have a serious vitamin C deficiency to begin with [5]. Using a high-quality skin serum, such as AnnieMak Clean Skincare Restore Vitamin C Serum, can make all the difference. Research has proven that topical vitamin C applied in the correct way can have a dramatic and positive effect on the look and feel of your skin, especially on the face.  

A 2015 report published in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology found that participants who applied a topical vitamin C serum to their face once a day for 60 days had a thicker epidermis skin layer than the control group [6].  

AnnieMak’s Restore Ingredients Work Synergistically for the Health of Your Skin

The foundational ingredient in AnnieMak Clean Skincare Restore Vitamin C Serum is a super-absorbable and potent form of vitamin C. In addition, our serum also contains other key ingredients designed to enhance both collagen production and synthesis at the cellular level. Natural aloe, vitamin E, kelp and Cassia Angustifolia seed are just a few of the substances that work with vitamin C to help your body produce more collagen naturally.  

Matrixyl 3000 is another key ingredient in our serum and we have included it for a couple of reasons. First, Matrixyl 3000 has the ability to help the absorbability of other key ingredients. Secondly, and more importantly, research has proven without a shadow of a doubt that Matrixyl 3000 leads to a significant increase in collagen in the skin.  

Based on micro photo imaging and the scientific analysis of “senescence markers,” numerous investigations have found that Matrixyl 3000 helps restructure the “fragile network of the papillary dermis,” thus repairing the mechanism for collagen production while at the same time increasing collagen overall [7].  

In one clinical study, participants applied a product containing Matrixyl 3000 to a portion of their face for two months. In that particular area, according to an article in The Derm Review, deep wrinkling was reduced by 45%. Skin tone markers also increased by 20%. In another study with men, wrinkle surfaces were reduced by about 30% [8].

Healthy Peptides Mean Healthy Skin

Peptides absolutely hold the key to healthier, younger-looking skin. They call the shots when it comes to where and when collagen repair happens. AnnieMak Clean Skincare Restore Vitamin C Serum uses Matrixyl 3000 and state of the art “matrikine peptide technology” so that you can call the shots when it comes to healthy, glowing skin at any age!